About Us

We are a team of 4 friends and Star Wars fanatics who met 3 years ago at the Star Wars Celebration. Through our common interests, we quickly got along well and have then planned some ventures together.

During one of our meetings together, we realized that neither of us had ever been truly satisfied with a purchased lightsaber. This surprised us a lot, which is why we started to develop lightsabers ourselves shortly after. At the beginning it was just a small project among us, but it quickly aroused interest among other friends. After we finished our first prototypes, we were already asked if we would sell them. So it came to that, that we opened our online store Novasabers in 2020.

Since the beginning of our development, it has been our vision to combine quality and function in our sabers at the highest possible level. However, our Novasabers should always remain affordable and thus be worlds ahead of the competition. These visions remain unchanged to this day, which is why we work every day to improve our Novasabers.

However, this development would not have been possible without our customers and your feedback, which has been flowing into each of our swords since 2020. For this reason, we thank each and every one of our customers and look forward to many more wonderful years with our Novasabers community.